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Friday, June 26, 2009

Bend Over, Here it Comes Again (BOHICA)!

Congratulations America! Having voted to turn over the chicken house to the foxes, you are about to be raped again.

Remember that Stimulus Bill? You know, the one that spends about a trillion dollars on absolutely nothing, most of which won’t be available until next year or later, but which we absolutely had to get passed without virtually anyone actually reading until after the socialist sock puppet POTUS signed it? And that on top of his “Era of Responsibility” budget that produced a larger deficit that all his predecessors combined?

Well, get ready for HR 2454, aka “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009,” or the Waxman-Markey Bill, or most accurately “The National Economic Suicide Act of 2009.” Queen Pelosi and her leftist cohorts are getting ready to vote on it Friday, June 26, 2009.

The version available on THOMAS (Library of Congress) is incomplete, but numbers 1091 pages. Yes, incomplete as of 26 June 2009. How exactly is that admittedly small part of the public that isn’t too lazy to actually look into these things to get a chance to look at the Bill and make comments to their Representatives if the available document isn’t complete? Supposedly over 200 pages of amendments have been added to the bill in the last week, but none of those are available in the final bill that’s available online.

Let’s look at the chronology:

5/15/2009 Introduced in House
6/5/2009 Committee on Education and Labor discharged.
6/5/2009 Committee on Foreign Affairs discharged.
6/5/2009 Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Energy and Commerce. H. Rept. 111-137, Part I.
6/19/2009 Committee on Financial Services discharged.
6/19/2009 Committee on Science and Technology discharged.
6/19/2009 Committee on Transportation discharged.
6/19/2009 Committee on Natural Resources discharged.
6/19/2009 Committee on Agriculture discharged.
6/19/2009 Committee on Ways and Means discharged.
6/19/2009 Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 90.
6/26/2009 Full House Vote.

Do we really believe the idiots in the House have actually bothered to read HR 2454? Hell, they didn’t read the Stimulus Bill, why should they start now? Note how it zipped through every committee with no notice of any amendments? Sorta unusual for a major piece of legislation – that is to say, prior to this Congress it would be considered unusual.

So, having worked on this for about 41 days, with virtually no public debate or transparency, the Democrats in Congress are about to vote to destroy our economy in one fell swoop.

Congratulations America! It wouldn’t be quite as bad if you hadn’t also handed over the Senate and White House to these socialists. If it fails in the House, we can still hope enough Democrats wake up to what they will be doing to their constituents, the sock puppet POTUS has his EPA and unelected czars prepared to do by executive order what they might not accomplish via proper legislation, through their ruling that CO2 (a trace atmospheric gas essential to life on earth) is a pollutant. Let’s disregard the fact that every time the socialist sock puppet POTUS or socialist Democrat-controlled Congress speaks/breathes, they spew the stuff too.

The one perverse joy I get in all this is that all the morons who voted for this cast of clowns will get screwed right along with me. Enjoy your higher gas prices, higher electric bills, higher food prices, more jobs going overseas (where other nations aren’t so stupid as to commit economic suicide), and higher taxes.

Brother you asked for it!

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